Lincoln University Living Heritage Tikaka Tōku Iho

Gathering for the Graduation ProcessionIvey Hall Rose at Lincoln University1920s Panoramic view of Canterbury Agricultural CollegeIvey Hall Director's Entrance c1900Farmers' Day Lunch at Lincoln College in 1909Ngati Moki TrophyIvey Hall viewed from the Forbes BuildingIvey Hall Redevelopment 1991-1992Early View of Farm Buildings and Ivey HallNZ Agriculture Slides-1948-49_053Ivey Hall and Memorial Hall in 1960Canterbury Agricultural College Heritage GatesHarvesting, reaping and binding a crop in 1910Ivey Hall at Canterbury Agricultural College in 1925Roll of Honour WW1 - Also Served,  A to LIvey Hall at Lincoln UniversitySchool of Landscape Architecture, Lincoln UniversityTelford Field TripCircular Garden and the H₂O SculptureTelford CampusTelford Memorial Drive EntryFlowering Cherry Trees, Calder Drive, Lincoln UniversityLandscape Architecture Field Trip to Kaitorete SpitIvey Hall and the H20 SculptureAn Aerial View of the Lincoln College Campus in 1987
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Welcome to Lincoln University Living Heritage: Tikaka Tōku Iho, the online history of the people, events, and community since the founding of the organisation. You can browse or search our open archive, or register and share your Lincoln photos and stories, and are invited to assist us to name the people in the images


School of Landscape Architecture
2014 Yearbook
Lincoln UniversitySchool of Landscape Architecture
2015 Yearbook
Lincoln University2015 Landforms1978 CACLIN Vol 34 Issue 71978 CACLIN Vol 34 Issue 61978 CACLIN Vol 34 Issue 51978 CACLIN Vol 34 Issue 41978 CACLIN Vol 34 Issue 1Reuse-A2004 006 9-9-1 1979 Agronomy BReuse-A2004 006 9-3-12 1972 Degree 22009 Rā Whakamana 0012009 Rā Whakamana 0022009 Rā Whakamana 0032009 Rā Whakamana 0042009 Rā Whakamana 0052009 Rā Whakamana 0062009 Rā Whakamana 0072009 Rā Whakamana 0082009 Rā Whakamana 0092009 Rā Whakamana 0102009 Rā Whakamana 0112009 Rā Whakamana 0122009 Rā Whakamana 0132009 Rā Whakamana 0142009 Rā Whakamana 0152009 Rā Whakamana 0162009 Rā Whakamana 0172009 Rā Whakamana 0182009 Rā Whakamana 0192009 Rā Whakamana 0202009 Rā Whakamana 0212009 Rā Whakamana 0222009 Rā Whakamana 0232009 Rā Whakamana 0242009 Rā Whakamana 0252009 Rā Whakamana 0262009 Rā Whakamana 0272009 Rā Whakamana 0282009 Rā Whakamana 0292009 Rā Whakamana 0302009 Rā Whakamana 0312009 Rā Whakamana 0322009 Rā Whakamana 0332009 Rā Whakamana 0342009 Rā Whakamana 0352009 Rā Whakamana 0362009 Rā Whakamana 0372009 Rā Whakamana 0382009 Rā Whakamana 0392009 Rā Whakamana 040
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